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Amazing things can happen when a group of people come together.


The Community Pooled Fund assists those who might otherwise be unable to pay full service fees. The Fund is supplied by Rainbow Doula clients and supporters. It allows Rainbow Doula to ensure a living wage for doulas, while also meaningfully giving back to members of the LGBTQ+ community who are in need.


The Community Pooled Fund does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, ability, or marital status.  


We live in a society that discriminates against LGBTQ+ folks. That discrimination results in significant income inequality; folks on the LGBTQ+ spectrum can earn up to 32% less than heterosexual folks for doing the same work, and make up a disproportionate amount of people experiencing homelessness. Making sure that doula services are available to all people, regardless of income, is a top priority for Rainbow Doula DC, which is why we commit to providing supplementary funds for doula services.

Who qualifies

Rainbow Doula DC feels passionately about preserving the dignity of all persons. We do our best to work with any person who requests to use the Fund, no questions asked, as it is available. 

how can I help?

All clients have an opportunity to support the Community Pooled Fund on their invoice as they pay for services.

Not a client and still want to support? We would love that! 

100% of the proceeds from the Rainbow Doula Store go directly into the Community Pooled Fund. These products are made locally, in Richmond, VA, and use organic materials. 

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