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Rainbow Doula offers doula support for: birth; postpartum care; post-operative care for gender-affirming surgery; fertility journeys; adoptive parent support; abortion or pregnancy loss support; partner preparedness; and more. 

COVID response: We strive to create a supportive and safe environment during the process of birth and new parenthood. To do our part to support public health, we offer both virtual and in-person support.

For support affording services, consider the Community Pooled Fund.


Birth doulas provide comfort measures, emotional support, guidance, coaching, a break for partners, and more during the process of labor.


The recovery after surgery (including cesarians or gender-affirming surgeries) can require extra help. We offer postoperative care to support the dignity of all persons during recovery.

Classes & Trainings

We cover course material for: individuals, businesses, new parents, current doulas, and more. Custom content available.


Postpartum doulas perform house visits to newborns and their parents to provide support for feeding, sleeping, new family dynamics, and more.

Fertility Support

A fertility doula provides preconception support to people and/or partner(s) as they seek out pregnancy. Available as a one-time consultation with a fertility expert, or monthly support.

Doula Shadowing

The Doula Shadow program is designed for new doulas who would like to gain experience from more senior doulas. 


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