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For support affording services, consider the Community Pooled Fund.

COVID responseWe strive to create a supportive and safe environment during the process of birth and new parenthood. To do our part to support public health, we have temporarily moved all of our services to be virtual. Download our virtual services guide to see what that looks like

Birth doulas provide comfort measures, emotional support, guidance, coaching, a break for partners, and more during the process of labor. Get started with our free birth plan guide.

Postpartum doulas perform house visits to newborns and their parents to provide support for feeding, sleeping, new family dynamics, and more.

The recovery after surgery (including cesarians or gender-affirming surgeries) can require extra help. We offer postoperative care to support the dignity of all persons during recovery.

Abortion Doula.png

Pregnancy termination care doulas offer emotional support, relaxation and breathing techniques, and guidance. Services may be provided duing D&Cs, D&Es, medical inductions, KCI injections, and medical terminations.


As part of our contracts, doulas will be on-call for texts or calls - no matter the hour! - for an agreed upon amount of time.

What is a doula and why should I hire one?

Doulas provide four key areas of support: informational, emotional, physical, and advocacy.

Evidenced-based birthing supports doula work. On average, people who use doulas:

  • Are more likely to experience vaginal birth over a cesarian (source)

  • Experience shorter labor (source)

  • Have newborns with higher Apgar scores (source)

  • Are less likely to have an epidural (source)

  • Report lower stress during labor (source)

  • Report higher satisfaction with overall birth experience (source)

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