Finding a queer-friendly care provider can be a slog. That's why Rainbow Doula DC commits to providing queer-identified, certified, and trained birth coaches who are ready to provide the best care for your needs.

Kelsey C.


Founder & Owner

Birth, postpartum, and postoperative doula

Washington, DC

Kelsey is a DONA trained doula in Washington, DC. She is passionate about trauma-informed, consent-driven care and patient advocacy. She created Rainbow Doula DC because she knows that not all birthing persons connect to pregnancy language that is typically found throughout the birth experience; she wanted to focus on creating a culture of respect to foster the best birth experience possible for every birthing person. She is also a member of the Intake Committee of the DMV Midwifery Access Project, which aims to increase access to home birth midwifery care for birthing persons of color in the greater DC area.

NyShayla W.


Birth doula

Washington, DC

“Rather than putting my own judgment and way of doing things on the birthing person, I make sure that I'm providing them with tools and creating a very safe space where people are able to just be.”

From teaching abroad to teaching in Washington, D.C., NyShayla's life's work is to unlock the magic in everyone. She is a Mama Glow trained birth doula and eagerly embark on this journey of supporting all birthing people. Birth can be a spiritual journey for many, and it is essential to have a space where you can simply be. Whether you're welcoming in your rainbow baby or on your third, she is grateful to be part of your journey. NyShayla also owns and operates Abcrete & Co, a company whose mission is lowering the maternal mortality rate of Black women in DC.

Sara F.

she/her  they/them

Full-spectrum birth doula

Mt. Rainer, MD & Washington, DC

Sara is a DONA certified full-spectrum Doula. Since a young age they have been in awe of birth, amazed by the power of our bodies and moved by seeing families and communities come together to support a birthing person. They recently shifted their work to provide emotional, physical, and radical support for folks giving birth. Sara creates space for birthing folks to consider what they want for their birth and help educate and prepare them for what is possible. They support birthing people on whatever journey they choose, help advocate for their wishes, and maintain their autonomy with informed consent and trauma-informed care. You can find Sara on the team at DC Birth Doulas.